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‘Blackbirds’ – The Book Of Poetry That Will Tug At Your Heartstrings (Review)

I’m not sure if words could ever do this book justice.

From beginning to end, Greg Santos’ Blackbirds lures you in with the simplest poetry, poetry written so beautifully that it instills profound thought and emotion.

Blackbirds is a raw, sometimes harrowing, account of Santos’ life experiences at their very core. In some ways, this book felt more like a journal than a collection of poetry. It was that real.

His words encompass all things felt, and things pondered, along with internal and external conflicts that bleed onto each page.

Sometimes Blackbirds would make my heart ache, and other times I would feel myself cracking a smile. From the warmth of a parent’s love for their spouse or child to the piercing chill of discrimination, this collection bares all.

Every single poem felt personal.

Relaying to the masses is very hard to execute when they’re not in your shoes, so you know you’re doing it right when you can convey your joy, sadness, and frustration to an audience in as few words as possible. Even some of his metaphors struck a chord within me, as did his poetic descriptions.

Another thing I found impressive about Santos was his ability to write flexibly. There are several different types of poems in this book, and even so, he crafts them masterfully. It can be difficult for a poet to be so versatile, but he accomplished this.

There are moments of genuine happiness in this book, but the tension lingers throughout. Darkness looms over each crisp piece of parchment, hanging like a shroud over Santos’ words. And if you have ever suffered through the trials of parenting, prejudice, and a lack of surety in life, then I highly recommend this book.


Favorite Lines:

“…murders of crows dive into reddened fields…”

Now do I feel real to you?

“…a marble of possibilities, rolling around in his head.”

“Living for corn syrup is vexing.”

“A, C, G, T danced on a typewriter ribbon and something clicked.”

5 Peak Rating

Greg Santos

You can buy Blackbirds here. Learn more about Greg Santos via his website or connect with him on Twitter.

Blackbirds was published by Eyewear Publishing.

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