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Celebrating Pride Month: 5 LGBTQ Films With Happy Endings


We showed a little love to LBGTQ books, but what about films? From movies, to TV episodes, to shorts, here’s a small list we’ve compiled with flicks worth mentioning.

Black Mirror’ [S3E4] “San Junipero” (2016)

This Black Mirror episode, San Junipero, offered a fresh take on their usually ‘unhappy’ endings. Sure, its still riddled with the mind-bending twists and turns, but it evolves into a truly beautiful love story.

SAN JUNIPERO (BLACK MIRROR S3E4) Trailer Feature Series Longform from ICE fm on Vimeo.


‘The Way He Looks’ (2014)

The Way He Looks follows the life of a boy who is visually impaired. It’s a wonderful story about love, self-discovery, and navigating the real world with an impairment.

The Way He Looks – Trailer – English Subtitles from Daniel Ribeiro on Vimeo.


‘In A Heartbeat’ (Short Film)

While In A Heartbeat is a short film, it leaves a long-lasting impression. I can honestly say that this one of the sweetest short animations I’ve seen in a long time.

In a Heartbeat – Animated Short Film from In a Heartbeat on Vimeo.


‘Love, Simon’ (2018)

When it comes to the struggle of sexual identity, ‘Love, Simon’ portrayed it really well. This was a relatable movie about family, friends, and the truths that we fight to keep hidden from them; and sometimes ourselves.


‘Boy Meets Girl’ (2014)

This film deserves a spot on our list for two reasons: one, because its great, and two, because its one of the only movies of its kind. Boy Meets Girl is an uplifting story about a transgender woman and it actually rewards us with a happy ending.


Are there any LGBTQ films that you love? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. Paul Blake Paul Blake June 25, 2018

    I thought the “San Junipero” episode was the best episode of the series. Love Black Mirror, Love San Junipero.

    • Sophia LeRoux Sophia LeRoux Post author | June 25, 2018

      I agree. Black Mirror alone is incredible, but San Junipero really left you with a genuine ‘feel good’ kind of warmth.

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