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‘Kind Nepenthe’ Offers A Chilling Dose Of Horror Mixed With Reality

After reading Matthew Brockmeyer’s book Kind Nepenthe, don’t be surprised if you develop a whole new appreciation for horror.

Kind Nepenthe follows the lives of several people with different backgrounds, allowing you to walk in the shoes of  individuals who share very contrasting viewpoints throughout. With each change in narration, you delve deeper into the highs and lows of a world filled to the brim with drugs, phantasmal horror, and hair-gripping turmoil.

The way that Brockmeyer captures each character in their entirety is ingenious and thought-provoking. One minute you’re an eco-conscious mother fretting over the well-being of her child, and the next minute you’re a seemingly sleazy drug lord plagued by a slew of immoral tastes. To be able to portray such conflicting personalities and ideas, and to do so well, is worthy of praise.

Teaming with suspense, Kind Nepenthe is what I would call a ‘shameless thriller’. It pulls you in with a sweet warmth, like burgundy wine, then it takes a hold of you as your skin begins to crawl with a swarm of imaginary vermin; only to leave you feeling as if you’ve been smacked upside the head with a shovel in the end.

You may even begin to wonder if that tingle running up your spine is more than just a figment of your imagination.

This book is nothing short of a thrill ride. It’s full of psychological twists that’ll have you questioning your fictional sanity every step of the way. There are even points in this story where you’ll find yourself so enamored, so immersed, that you’ll ask if it’s a work of fiction you’re reading after all.

Kind Nepenthe is reminiscent of classic horror, with its dark atmosphere, clinging fog, and omen-bearing crows; but with modern-day inclusions. Brockmeyer’s readers were right to compare his work to that of Stephen King.

A novel like this is one that’ll haunt you long after you’ve finished reading it.


Favorite Quotes:

“Stacking them up into shimmering black pyramids, their wings entangled, beaks hanging open.”

“Shadow people lurking in the corners. Scores of tiny insects crawling over everything.”

“Lichen draped the skeletal branches of the tan oaks liked pale-green spider webs.”

peak rating 5/5

Matthew Brockmeyer

You can buy Kind Nepenthe here. Learn more about the author via his website or connect with him on Twitter.

Kind Nepenthe was published in 2017 by Black Rose Writing.


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