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First Book Review Coming 6/9/18

Hello! Thank you for stopping by and welcome to Peak Story Reviews!

Book reviews will launch June 9, 2018 with the first novel in the Starless Series, Dawn Among The Stars by Samantha Heuwagen!

More Info About Reviews

A new book review will be posted about once per week and as new reviewers are added it will increase.

Independent and self-published authors will be given precedence when selecting stories for review.

All authors will be treated kindly and professionally. Reviews will center around the peaks, or strengths of the story. A simple rating system will be used to keep reviews in a consistent format.

The blog will also feature author profiles and interviews, industry news, listicles, and other content curated by the staff. The tone of the blog will be uplifting, informative, positive, and humorous.

Thanks again for reading! Please subscribe and connect with us on Twitter @peakstoryreviews!

-Sam (SJ) Hendricks

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