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‘Nobody Looked At Their Phones’ Is The Robot Comedy Novella You Need In Your Life (Review)


Right off the gate, this book was unlike anything I’ve ever read before.

I seek out obscure stories, the lesser-known and unusual, because I know that there is bound to be a hidden treasure floating around somewhere. Nobody Looked At Their Phones by Brandon Koss, and illustrated by Matthew Braun, is one of those gems.

From toilet-brush-toting doctors, to jellyfish-wrangling wrestlers, this adult science fiction novella is filled with good laughs and childish foolery.

This story follows two friends, Steve and Doug, on their oddball adventures through a technologically progressive society. Steve’s obsessive suspicion of all things electronic, and Doug’s more levelheaded rationale, greatly complement one another throughout the book.

But you know what stands out to me most in a tale like this? How much it reawakens your inner child. I say that because, while reading, I felt the urge to fill up my backpack with junk food and embark on a nonsensical journey to nowhere.

Nobody Looked At Their Phones touches on the ups and down of  friendship, as well as the unique complexity of each individual’s thought process. Koss does a nice job of tapping into the vast expanse of human imagination, and brings it to life through Steve’s wild theories and actions regarding an ‘impending robot takeover’.

Before delving into this book, know that it’s meant to inspire its own sort of weird chaos. It is simplistic, but it doesn’t follow a traditional storytelling process. It wasn’t meant to because it’s a quirky style in itself. So if you ever find yourself saying “Wait, what?”, that’s just how it was meant to be.

Aside from a few typographical errors, this book was an all-around fun read. I’m looking forward to any other works that Brandon Koss has in store for the future.

And If there’s one thing that I took away from this story, it’s that I’ll never see a Roomba® the same way again!


Favorite Quotes:

“Those same people also paint buzzwords on pallet wood and call it art.”

“I wanted to see if a wild animal would feel the regret I felt for coming in here.”

“‘Hey, I got that hot new DVD. It’s OSHA compliant?'”

“My apartment is a vegetable graveyard.”

4 Peak Rating


To find out more about Brandon Koss, or buy his book ‘Nobody Looked At Their Phones’ just click here.


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